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I love your blog so much! And it's so nice to find out I wasn't the only one who was shipping these guys :D

Thank youuu :’D

I always felt alone with this shipping too, glad you like the blog :) 

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I just want to tell you.I love your blog, because it's like reading my own mind *Laugh*Pleace continue with your hard work *support*

Oh my, thank you! <3
Sorry I haven’t been updating as much, but I’ll do my best! :) 

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Thanks for replying.. Do you mean Episode 16 with Yuri? That was Bells Hide and Seek episode right where KJK was part of the Chasing team while SJH was in Mission team. I didn't see the part she ripped KJK. Were you referring to that episode? I am really curious because it seems to me that Jihyo really cannot rip KJK's tag for some reason. It's weird because she can rip other members' nametags without any hesitation. :)

OH SHOOT I meant 14! Jongkook is on the mission team and JiHyo is on the chasing team! Its the one with Lizzy. I remember JiHyo cried at the end because she was so happy she ripped off his nametag…or maybe my memory is failing me ;___;

LOL I noticed that too ;) I feel like she has a bit of a loyalty towards him. And she also trusts him so easily, even though he betrays her over and over again that bitch. I think maybe it’s because she recognizes he’s more useful on her side than in jail, because most of the time they end up teaming up anyway :P She seems to really enjoy his company and viceversa

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Jihyo NEVER once rip Kim Jong Kook's name tag, right? I mean, directly ripping it off. Sure, she chases KJK but it's always others who rip it not her even if she's working as a guest or spy. Is that correct? Please correct me if I am wrong and I want to know which episode. Thanks. I love your site! :)

I think she did ONCE. The only one I remember is a really really REALLY old episode I actually went through the list and the episodes I had on my computer to check which episode it was since it’s so much more fun than doing hwk and it’s episode 16.

And thnak you!! I don’t update often because of school muffled sobbing but I’m so happy you enjoy it :)

Jihyo’s Jongkook-induced mental breakdown

desperate measure against the commander: hitting his chest

gaiz I can’t find 113 in high quality I MUST SEE THIS SPARTACE GOODNESS IM CRY ;__;